Intensive 3HA

Duration 1 h e 10 min

An intense moisturising bath thanks to the Hydra3Ha Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturising Treatment. This extraordinary treatment was developed to meet the moisturising needs of all skin types. It consists of a specific six-stage procedure with specific massage techniques and next-generation moisturising active ingredients. The skin appears firmer and visibly younger.

Secret De Sothys

Duration 1 h 10 min

A unique and prestigious treatment that combines the best ingredients. Its 11 formulas containing multi-concentrated active ingredients, 8 treatment stages, and 10 modelage techniques that provide an immediate firming effect and the porcelain massage accessories, make it an unforgettable wellness break taken in a delicately perfumed environment.

Never has a treatment been so effective! 100% satisfaction for moisturised, luminous and firmed skin.

Peeling Resurfaçant

Duration 1 h

A deep cleansing soin that respects the balance of the skin and preserves its comfort. It is based on two exfoliation methods: peel (chemical exfoliation – glycolic acid and salicylic acid) and microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation – corundum microcrystals). It is an intensive exfoliating and oxygenating treatment that stimulates cell regeneration. The skin appears smooth, with a luminous and uniform tone.

L’eau Thermale Spa

Duration 1 h

Thermal Spa Treatment The ultra-soft textures of this treatment were formulated to respect the sensitivity of the skin. All sensitive skin types reacquire comfort and relief. Accompanied by a gentle massage performed with cold porcelain spoons.  This treatment will allow your face to recover its original purity.


Duration 1 h

High-performance treatment. It brightens the skin and lightens facial skin spots. It combines the effect of a skin-lightening serum based on pure vitamin C, a modelage, and an éclat mask for a rejuvenated and luminous face. Its active ingredients have a powerful skin-lightening effect to restore luminosity, perfection, and uniformity to the skin tone, counteracting the appearance of skin spots.

Homme Ritual

Duration 1h

Detoxifying and anti-stress treatment designed for men’s skin. Reduces nervous tension, stimulating the spirit and detoxifying the skin. It alternates modelage stages with Digi-Esthétique and the application of multi-beneficial active ingredients (moisturising, toning, anti-wrinkle, and anti-pollution). Sixty minutes of well-being for the mind and body; specifically, the neck, chest, and head are treated.


Duration 1 h

Exceptional energiser: this treatment is ideal as a preparation for a cycle of intensive anti-aging or moisturising treatments to restore energy and radiance to the skin. Its massage techniques are inspired by facial reflexology, useful for promoting the circulation of energy and for reacquiring vitality. A perfect harmony between the exclusive massage techniques and the sensorial perception of the products. It brightens your face and highlights its beauty.

Perfect Oval

Duration 1 h

From your cheeks to your bust, this professional treatment was designed especially for those customers who have high regard for the tone of their face and cleavage. Recommended for men to solve the problem of a double chin. A combination of specific active ingredients counteracts the signs of aging. A treatment with a double mission: a tensor and toning effect. It allows the perfect V shape of the oval to be restored.

With eye treatment                                                            Duration: 1 h and 10 min.


Duration 1 h

A facial treatment that targets the visible signs of aging: wrinkles and sagging skin. It yields radiant skin, restoring the splendour of youth to your face, allowing you to feel younger than your real age and look up to six years younger.

Glysalac Pro Peel

Duration 30 min

An express 30-minute procedure to refine the texture of the skin, provide immediate luminosity, smooth the skin, and reveal a clear and uniform complexion. Comprised of Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid. It guarantees a synergistic action that is effective but delicate.

Sublime Skin Intensive

Duration 1h

Anti-aging, firming, and lifting treatment. It nourishes, brightens, and firms up facial skin, reducing wrinkles by smoothing them. The unique combination of the Archilift™ Technology complex, an innovative and pleasant peel-off mask, and the Active Lift Massage technique for the face, neck, and cleavage, for a full look with redefined volume. It restores fullness and redefines the volumes of the face.

Remedy Intensive

Duration 1h

A renewing treatment that smooths and restores the skin’s protective barrier. Accompanied by the exclusive Remedy Massage with specific pressure points and jade stones.  It helps to detoxify, relax, and rebalance the mind and body and give the skin an optimal state of health and beauty.

Skin Regimen

Duration 40 min

Revitalising facial treatment. It firms and repositions facial features thanks to the manual techniques inspired by Kabat and two active ingredients based on alpha hydroxy acids. For young skin, it prevents the first signs of aging and slows down aging. For mature skin, it offers an immediate firming effect, a reduction in wrinkles, and a more uniform and luminous tone.

Sublime Skin Express

Duration 30 min

A stimulating and illuminating express facial treatment. It removes the keratinised layer, stimulates epidermal cell renewal, reduces fine and premature wrinkles, and provides luminosity and firmness to the face. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by an intensive double exfoliant containing lactic acid, citric acid, and glycolic acid combined with vitamin C. It smooths, brightens, and evens the complexion, stimulating cell renewal in the epidermis.

Remedy Express

Duration 30 min

Ideal for sensitive and fragile skin as well as redness of the skin. It renews, strengthens, and soothes the skin by restoring the skin barrier through a very delicate skin-friendly effect. Ideal after sun exposure. For reactive and allergic skin types.

Kerala E Kerala Spa

Duration 1h

Ayurvedic botany gives us two wellness and anti-aging facial treatments. They restore tone and sculpt facial contours. The active ingredients improve the appearance of the skin, giving it firmness and elasticity, mitigating the signs of stress and aging. They provide firmness to the entire face.

Vitalic Murad Treatment

Duration 1h

A pomegranate-based treatment that provides a purifying and revitalising effect. This vitamin-rich fruit gives the treatment a strong antioxidant power. The alpha and beta hydroxy acids it contains allow it to gently exfoliate the skin, which is then purified by means of the acids’ action on the dilated pores, eliminating impurities and counteracting the shininess typical of the T zone (the forehead, nose, and chin).  It makes the skin smoother and protects it from the action of free radicals, thereby counteracting and reducing skin blemishes.

Age Reform AHA Treatment

Duration 1h

A treatment based on alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), which are better known as fruit acids. It mitigates the signs of aging thanks to the presence of Glycolic Acid, which stimulates cell renewal, and Glico Nutrient Complex, which improves skin tone and elasticity. It acts on the dilated pores, moisturises the skin, and gives new tone to the tissues.  Your skin will appear brighter and more oxygenated as a result of the stimulation of cells and fibroblasts of collagen and elastin. An elixir of youth for your face.

Environmental Vitamin C

Duration 1h

A vitamin C-based regenerating and antioxidant treatment. It prevents and neutralises the damage caused by environmental pollution, thus combating skin spots, hyperpigmentation, skin discolouration, and wrinkles. It protects the skin from the sun, smog, pollution, and stress. It stimulates cell renewal, producing an illuminating effect on the skin. A treatment with marked toning power.

Resurgence E IP5

Duration: 1h

A lifting and toning, anti-aging, hormone treatment. The alpha hydroxy acids minimise wrinkles, while the soy and wild yam increase the tone of the face and improve its elasticity. It combats dry skin, dehydration, and thin and dull skin caused by hormonal aging, restoring the freshness of young skin. It lightens and illuminates the face. An intensive 5-in-1 anti-age treatment: it smooths, eases, tones, stimulates, and brightens.

Cellupor Face

Duration: 1h

Anti-aging face treatment. The use of acoustic waves and electroporation allows the penetration of vials and active substances capable to reduce the signs of aging, thus redesigning the oval of the face. The skin immediately appears more hydrated, smooth and toned. Recommended for mature, atonic skin, and with problems arising from photo-exposure.

Cellupor Face Express

Duration: 30 min

Moisturizing or anti-aging face treatment with a bio-cellulose mask application combined with the use of poration and acoustic waves.


Duration 1h

A facial treatment that adapts to the seasons. It is suitable for every single need and provides brightness and softness to the face, neck, and cleavage. It eliminates impurities, ensuring complete moisturisation to reinforce the skin barriers, firm up tissues, and provide comfort and nourishment to the skin. A mixture of unique active ingredients and inebriating and delectable fragrances that is suitable for both men and women.

3ha Basic Treatment

Duration 1h

Formulated to respond to the need for skin moisturisation. A quick and practical treatment based on hyaluronic acid, which guarantees remarkable results. The comfortable textures are combined with high-performance active ingredients to give the face a more relaxed and youthful appearance. A wave of moisturisation that meets the needs of all skin types.

Treatment for Dry Skin Types

Duration 50 min

Dry skin is the result of tissue dehydration. This results in a lack of elasticity and softness, as well as the formation of premature expression lines. A well-moisturised skin appears visibly younger and firmer and better able to counteract the atmospheric aggressors that accelerate skin aging. As a result of this treatment, the skin immediately appears more moisturised and younger. It gives new brightness and firmness to the face.


Duration 50 min

Dry and easily irritated skin can cause a condition of intense and chronic redness of the cheeks and many small facial features. This treatment is designed to significantly reduce the signs of rosacea and the redness it causes. It improves the skin’s appearance, ensuring greater colour consistency.


Duration 50 min

Moisturisation is an important ally for facial well-being. It is important to maintain the right degree of moisturisation to improve and maintain a healthy and pleasant appearance, but above all to have a positive effect on the deeper layers. This treatment responds to the need for moisturisation, providing valuable support in maintaining healthy, soft, and elastic skin.

Firming - Anti-aging

Duration 50 min

Anti-age treatment that smooths the signs of aging. It reshapes facial contours, giving the skin a firmer and more luminous appearance. It reduces wrinkles and the signs of aging, firming up the face and leaving it more moisturised.

Eye Treatment with Porcelain

Duration 40 min

A treatment developed for the eye contour area. Four key stages for eliminating the signs of fatigue and aging. The salon professional’s massage techniques and the use of a porcelain massage accessory make this treatment a unique moment for your eyes.

Eye Treatment

Duration 30 min

The gaze is the mirror of our physical state. The signs of stress and tiredness can be reduced thanks to this treatment. It visibly reduces dark circles under the eyes and expression lines due to the synergy of the silicon- and collagen-based active ingredients. It reduces swelling and gently smooths wrinkles. For a firm, young look.

Eye Treatment with Pressomassage

Duration 30 min

The effectiveness of the products is combined with the innovative Eye Massage Mask. The mask performs a pressomassage that creates gentle vibrations to help relax the face.  The treatment ends with the application of Silicium Eye Cream, which completes the pressomassage. The eye contour area immediately appears more radiant and rejuvenated.

Facial Cleansing

Duration 1 h

Deep cleansing treatment. It cleanses and exfoliates facial skin, producing a soothing and decongesting effect. The mechanical removal of impurities, blackheads, and dead cells. After cleansing, the skin appears visibly healthier, softer, and brighter.

Facial Massage

Duration 20 min

Pleasant and delicate facial massage for reactivating the circulation and providing a short moment of well-being. It smooths the facial features by reducing the signs of stress and fatigue.

Little Face

Duration 30 min

Cleansing, peel, and massage in a short petit treatment. A moment of well-being and care for the face and cleavage. It makes the skin smoother and more luminous and is useful for relieving stress.

Make up

A personalised makeup session for a tailor-made look. Ideal for an important event or simply to treat yourself to a moment of beauty for yourself. The personalised makeup respects each customer’s features, taking into account the individual characteristics, imperfections to be hidden, and strengths to be enhanced. The professionalism of Make Up For Ever products guarantees a high-quality, long-lasting service.


The wedding day is a unique and special day. Every bride deserves expertly applied and personalised makeup. For this important occasion the features will be enhanced to allow the bride to feel at ease. The most suitable colours for the face will be selected and all the small imperfections will be covered, to create a natural effect. The makeup will be tear- and kiss-proof due to the use of professional waterproof products of the Make Up For Ever line. Lastly, the harmony of the bride’s face will be accentuated to guarantee an impeccable photographic and video effect.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

A service that creates an impeccable look and eyes that have never been more intense. Eyelash and eyebrow tinting highlights the features of the eyes without using a pencil and mascara every day. The colour will be personalised for each customer. It allows you to feel self-confident every day without using makeup.

Eyelash Perm with Tinting

Styling treatment of the eyelashes to make them wider, highlighting your look. The eyelash perm with tinting is a treatment that enhances, curls, styles, and dyes the eyelashes in order to achieve a beautiful enhancement of your look, giving new light to your eyes without using mascara.

Full or Partial False Eyelash Implants

Every woman’s dream? Thick, long, and curved eyelashes! Thanks to the implantation of false eyelashes, this wish can become a reality. The eyelashes are applied in small tufts and, depending on the desired effect, may vary in length, thickness, and curvature. This treatment adds depth to your look. It guarantees a light and lasting result.

Body and Face Hair Removal

Duration 10 min – 1h

Hair removal with low-temperature wax, which can be used on all areas of the face and body in a gentle manner, eliminating hair at the root. For smooth, velvety skin.

T.O.P. Depilation – “Toglie Ogni Pelo” (Remove Every Hair) - Brazilian Wax

Duration 1h 10 min

Brazilian complete depilation method: uses a natural resin that melts at very low temperatures. A specific treatment for the most difficult hairs and sensitive skin, ideal for men too. (Skin’s)


Durata: 30 min

A few simple steps such as nail filing, the removal of superfluous cuticles, a relaxing massage, and nail polish that adds a touch of colour, can change the appearance of our hands.

Aesthetic Pedicure

Duration 30 min

A true aesthetic treatment to make the feet more beautiful and improve well-being. The removal of cuticles, adjustment of the nails, and a touch of nail polish give the feet a new appearance.

Complete Pedicure

Duration 40 min

A true treatment of care and attention to every part of the foot to restore pleasure, lightness, and well-being. The application of nail polish is included.

Application of Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Semi-permanent nail polish is easy to apply and remove, with minimal impact on the natural nail, which guarantees gloss and a duration of about 20 days. Ideal for both hands and feet.

Application of semi-permanent nail polish – hands                                         Duration: 30 min.

Application of semi-permanent nail polish – feet                                         Duration: 20 min.

Hands Spa

Duration 45 min

A deep and attentive treatment for the hands. It relieves tension and stress and prevents aging. It improves and reduces imperfections of the hands, thanks to the application of botanical products derived from the best fruit extracts, an exfoliating peel, and a massage of the back of the hand, fingers, palm, and forearm. A true delight for the well-being of the hands.

Feet Spa

Inebriating, voluptuous, and relaxing foot treatment. It begins with an emollient and moisturising bath, followed by a deep exfoliation with sea salt, and then the application of a regenerating mask. The treatment ends with an extended relaxation massage with moisturising butter to satisfy all the senses and make your skin silky smooth.

Cuccio Paradiso

Durata: 1 h

Treat yourself to paradise! An unforgettable experience for hands and feet, for a gentle and pleasant treatment. The combined effect of the Hands Spa and Feet Spa treatments is a pleasant feeling of softness and well-being.

Hand Massage

Duration 30 min

In addition to relaxing the hands, the hand massage will reactivate the circulation in this area and dissolve any tension. The application of a moisturising and nourishing cream will give you silky smooth hands.

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