Body Ritual

Mediteranee Ritual

Duration 1 h e 30 min

Inspired by the warm and vibrant soul of the Mediterranean cultures. This ritual recreates, thanks to enveloping and invigorating manual techniques, like waves of the sea, the strength and the sweetness of the water that crashes against the body and favours a deep sense of smoothness, well-being, and vitality.

Tranquillity Ritual

Duration 1 h e 30 min

Aroma therapy ritual for the face and body. A series of enveloping manual techniques favour relaxation and a rediscovered physical and emotional balance thanks to the synergy of oils and creams, all strictly imbued with the Tranquillity blend – an essence that can immediately induce the mind and body to completely relax.

Face and Body Ritual

Duration 1 h e 30 min

A ritual designed to take care of your face and body at the same time. A gentle anti-stress massage is accompanied by a restructuring and moisturising facial treatment. Designed to allow you to spend an hour and a half of pure relaxation and to provide a feeling of well-being to body and mind.

Face and Body Secrets

Duration 2h

The Soin excellence Secrets de Sothys is a beauty ritual that includes prestigious ingredients, for a treatment par excellence. This ritual consists of a body treatment and a specific facial treatment. The body treatment consists of 3 phases: after the prélude d’éveil, with its initial massage techniques of welcome, the granité de gommage sublimates your body and invites the nourissant modelage that will lead you into deep relaxation. The facial treatment is an elixir of youth. An anti-aging sensory experience aimed at stopping the passage of time. The exclusive massage technique is performed throughout the ritual and completes its effectiveness.

Lomi Lomi

Duration 1 h e 15 min

A ritual of Hawaiian origin inspired by the movement of the sea. The cyclicity and grace of the waves inspire the long and rhythmic motions of the massage. Thanks to the use of particular oils and essences, it releases muscle tension and loosens the joints, resulting both relaxing and invigorating.


Duration 1h e 15 min

Through this ritual, you can make a sensory escape to the heart of Japan and its beautiful blooming cherry trees. A gentle and nourishing ritual that immerses you in Oriental lands with its delicate scent of Asian flowers. The treatment begins with a gommage with cherry and lotus flowers, followed by a plantar modelage inspired by reflexology. It gives the skin beauty and vitality, realigning the energy flows.

Stone Massage

Duration 1 h e 15 min

Relaxing and soothing massage that involves the use of warm lava stones. The energy produced by the massage with the stones promotes a harmonising and purifying effect such as to induce a state of calm and tranquillity. These stones gradually release heat during the massage, ease muscle tension, and improve blood circulation, making the skin smooth and nourished.

Art & Beautè

Duration 1 h e 15 min

It is the uniting of all forms of art that inspires this relaxing, energising, and nourishing ritual. Unusual, colourful, and highly sensorial textures accompany this treatment, with its rotation through three fragrances: floral-aquatic for a delicate scrub, spicy-woody for a modelling massage, and lastly a musky fragrance to dissolve tension. Fragrances, colours, and music are interwoven to create an unmatched sensorial journey.

Tibetan Sound Massages

Duration 1 h e 15 min

This ritual takes place with the help of Tibetan bells that are placed on the body in well-defined points and then struck. The vibrations resonate and amplify their power, bringing back a state of balance, naturally dissolving the physical and emotional “knots”, bringing back a state of deep relaxation.

Salt Massage Ritual

Duration 1h e 10 min

An exclusive massage with warm stones, of Himalayan pink salt, that release their power to bring the body back to its state of balance. Salt is a support element in cases of exhaustion, giving vitality and energy. The stones have a purifying and liberating action: they relieve pain, dissolve tension, and stimulate the metabolism and blood circulation.

Wellness Massage

Duration 1h

A massage characterised by the synergy of essential oils whose aroma is chosen by the customer herself. The massage techniques consist of gentle and fluid movements. It relaxes the muscles and eases tension, providing a feeling of relaxation and deep well-being.

Cocoon Ritual

Duration 1h

Sensory ritual tailored to the customer. A gommage, a modelage, and a wrapping with unique textures, associated with a fragrance that you choose together with your salon professional. At each step customers can choose the fragrance they feel closest to, or they can combine them and completely personalise the experience.  It provides deep hydration and leaves the skin silky smooth. For a unique sensorial journey.

Californian Ritual

Duration 1h

Extremely relaxing massage that uses fragrant essential oils to make the movements more flowing. Its technique consists of wrapping and sculpting the body as a whole, alternating fluid, light, and gentle movements, while following and respecting the meridian lines and reflex points.

Aroma Scrub

Duration 1h

Renewal ritual for the body. The enveloping and invigorating manual techniques of the salon professional accompanied by the aromatic peel creates a deep sense of smoothness, well-being, and vitality. It provides nourishment and luminosity for every type of skin.


Duration 1h

Peel ritual with notes of citrus typical of the south. The application of the exfoliating cream is accompanied by a gentle massage that makes the skin soft and velvety. This ritual ends with a relaxing and regenerating body massage. For nourished and luminous skin.

Savonage Ritual

Duration 1h

Ritual inspired by ancient Moroccan traditions. This ritual begins inside the Turkish bath to promote the natural process of cell renewal. It continues with a massage using Aleppo soap. Particularly suitable for tired, dull, and dehydrated skin to promote cell renewal.

Tranquillity Sleep Ritual

Duration 1h

An innovative massage that stimulates the senses for a feeling of relaxation and a strong anti-stress effect; very useful for people with sleep disorders. The synergy of the Tranquillity essential oil, the enveloping manual techniques, and the soft brushes used on the body, bring on a feeling of relaxation and serenity for the body and mind. Excellent after 5:00 pm.

Body Secret Ritual

Duration 1h

Ritual par excellence that includes enveloping textures and a sweetly refined fragrance based on Eau de Linge. An elixir of youth for the skin that combines 11 active ingredients at high concentration for deep and effective relaxation. A unique gommage: “Granité de gommage sublimateur”, enriched with exfoliating granulated sugar that makes the body soft and velvety.  The modelage is performed with “Beurre de modelage nourissant”, a shea butter that turns into oil to leave the skin nourished and sublimated. It relaxes, moisturises, and provides luminosity, for a moment of absolute well-being.

Couple Massage

Duration 1h

This massage is performed in the wellness centre in a characteristic atmosphere with two massage beds placed side by side and different scenery that allows you to escape reality and every form of stress. A perfect moment to share with a special person.

Four-Hands Wellness Massage

Duration 1h

The four-hands massage is a special treatment that involves the harmonised manual techniques of two salon professionals who create a rhythmic, relaxing, and continuous flow that is able to relax the muscles of the entire body and promote circulation, leaving a deep sensation of tone and relaxation.

Intensive Body Active

Duration 1h

Remodeling treatment that recalls the oriental maneuvers thanks to the use of the Bamboo massage roller, a wooden stick that accompanies this sensational treatment. The application of an innovative body mask based on Plankton extract and yellow clay from Brazil allows to remineralize, remodel and tone tissues while reducing muscle tension. It helps to eliminate toxins and to improve tone and muscle rebalancing. Excellent after sports.

Body Active Express

Duration 30 min

Express body treatment with remineralizing, remodeling, and toning effect. The innovative body mask, with yellow clay from Brazil and Plankton extract combined with exclusive maneuvers, help to stimulate a correct circulation and to re-oxygenate the tissues. The treatment includes maneuvers through the BAMBOO ROLLER

Thai Foot Massage

Duration 50 min

The Thai massage, a traditional Thai practice, is known for its therapeutic benefits that can rebalance the body by taking advantage of the principles of plantar reflexology. This massage creates a pleasant moment of well-being for your legs and feet, alleviating feelings of fatigue, swelling, and heaviness.


Duration 40 min

This practice restores balance as a result of the stimulation of the nerve endings of the soles of the feet. These nerve endings relate directly to the internal organs and the reflex zones of the parts of the body. The pressure applied to specific areas rebalances the entire body.

Four-Hands Head, Facial, Neck, and Foot Massage

Duration 30 min

The rhythmic and harmonised motions of two salon professionals envelop the body in a continuous flow of energy. It provides relaxation and luminosity to the face by eliminating signs of stress and tiredness.

Head, Facial, and Neck Massage

Duration 30 min

The face directly reflects our states of stress and fatigue. This massage, by means of special techniques, stretches the features resulting in a pleasant sensation of lightness and relaxation.

Partial Massage

Duration 30 min

A localised massage of the back, shoulders, and neck. By means of the application of pressure to localised areas, this massage releases the tension accumulated in your muscles. It fights deep muscle tension and relieves pain.

Foot Massage

Duration 30 min

Massage of the feet and ankles. This massage lightens tired feet, thus reducing swelling and feelings of heaviness. A moment of well-being not just for this area of the body, but for the whole body and mind.

Total Massage

Duration 45 min

Massage for the back and lower limbs. Various massage techniques are used to stretch the most contracted tissues, thereby soothing pain in the lumbar, cervical, and lower limb areas. It results in general relaxation and promotes the reduction of pain caused by muscle tension. When performed on the legs, it improves circulation, thereby reducing swelling and soreness of the limbs.

Possible additions to the Total Massage:

Bust or arms                                                                                 Duration: 1 h

Facial massage                                                                                Duration: 1 h

Connective Tissue Massage

Duration 35 min

This massage focuses on the deepest layers of the muscles and connective tissue, where the majority of tension due to stress accumulates. Useful for relieving pain and muscle tension and restoring balance to the body. The Dicke technique is used.

Vooder Lymph Draining Massage

Duration 45 min

This massage acts on the lymphatic vessels. Its rhythmic and constant movements and very light pressure promotes proper blood flow by eliminating swelling and oedema. Ideal for problems with the capillaries and to soothe discomfort resulting from swollen and tired legs.

Total Emotion Treatment

Duration 1h 30 min

An ultra-effective treatment for combating cellulite blemishes. It is performed with a saline solution wrap. The saline solution’s osmosis process eliminates excess fluids; therefore, in addition to being detoxifying, it counteracts water retention and reduces excess cellulite. The pressure exerted on the wraps and the active ingredients guarantee lymphatic drainage, for visible and lasting results.

Cellupor Body Treatment

Duration 1h 30 min

This is a new treatment that produces amazing results. The use of a pulsed surface acoustic wave generator in conjunction with pulsed currents promotes the metabolisation of fat. The goal is to remove subcutaneous fat deposits, thus improving the appearance of the skin. The use of state-of-the-art machinery and products with unique active ingredients makes it possible to achieve excellent results in the fight against cellulite blemishes by firming and shaping all the tissues. Visible results after the very first session.


Duration 1h 15 min

A beauty treatment with Ayurvedic active ingredients to restore the balance of the tissues naturally by means of compresses or wraps. The final goals of this treatment are to reduce fluid retention, visibly improve the appearance of capillaries, and achieve a firming effect.

Sothys Body Treatment

Duration 1h 15 min

A specially tailored treatment for your figure. Your figure is redesigned, allowing you to lose up to one size after 10 sessions. This treatment is personalised for each customer and is performed by following an exclusive Sothys procedure consisting of unique products with incredibly sensorial textures: gommage/wrapping, fluid for modelage and three serums with concentrated active ingredients, selected for their effect on every type of cellulite (adipose, aqueous, or fibrous). Its objectives are to refine, sculpt, firm, remodel, and nourish: these objectives are common to all women, who deserve personalised treatment with a program of focused treatments.

Partial Emotion Body Treatment

Duration1h 15 min

A localised treatment with targeted action. This treatment is carried out with a mud cream that has a unique texture or with a partial body bandage. The combination of this product and the salon professionals’ specific massage techniques cause the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin, thereby promoting an extraordinary modelling, smoothing, and toning effect.

Bioslimming Body Treatment

Duration 1h 15 min

One of the most innovative and award-winning treatments in the world. It has a unique formula that combines four different products, rich in plant extracts, pure essential oils, algae extracts, caffeine, and thermal agents. It reduces the “orange peel” skin effect in record time. It allows you to lose from 1 to 4 cm per session. It helps you burn fat thanks to the thermoregulation process, firms up and tones tissues, and reduces stretch marks. For a completely redesigned figure.

Skin Regimen Body

Duration 1h

A nourishing exfoliating body treatment based on matcha tea and chia seeds for detoxifying, re-oxygenating, and nourishing the skin. It renews and redefines your physical appearance thanks to the refined manual techniques inspired by Kabat. Delicate and creamy treatment that counteracts the first signs of aging.

Peeling Murad

Duration 1h

A stimulating treatment. It promotes cell renewal thanks to its exfoliating effect. It reactivates the microcirculation to increase the drainage of excess fluids, thus improving the appearance of the skin. It restores elasticity to the skin and accentuates its tone, ensuring its optimal moisturisation.

Breast Treatment

Duration 50 min

A breast firming treatment consisting of a mix of natural ingredients that counteract the stiffness of the fibres, preserving their integrity. It repairs and regenerates tissues resulting in a lifting effect. It gives the neck and cleavage a toned and revitalised appearance.


Duration 40 min

A beauty treatment performed by a special machine that applies pressure to the legs by means of air jets according to a centripetal sequence like venous and lymphatic circulation. It improves the performance of the circulatory system and the lymphatic system by reducing the swelling of heavy legs and relieving discomfort, thus improving the problem in connection with ectasia (capillaries).

Body Peel

Duration 30 min

An exfoliating treatment with a renewing effect. It deeply cleanses the skin, removing dead cells and promoting the natural skin renewal process.

Body prescription gym

Duration 1 h

Elasticizing body treatment. The combination of active substances allows the release of adiponectin, a hormone that modulates the metabolic processes, which permits to imitate the effect of muscular endurance exercise, thus giving tone and a redefined silhouette. The treatment consists of three basic steps: an initial massage with a warming gel, a GEL OIL mask, and a pleasant final massage. It redefines the fatty areas improving the skin tone, for a more toned and redefined silhouette

Peeling body prescription gym

Duration 40 min

Body exfoliating treatment based on Perlite and Mandelic Acid, ideal for removing dead cells and making the skin of the body smoother and silkier. It stimulates cell regeneration, thus making the epidermis more receptive to specific treatments. It gently moisturizes the skin making it smooth and silky.

Ayurveda (knowledge of life), which is considered to a science, a lifestyle, and a philosophy, is one of the oldest systems of natural medicine. Its techniques derive from Indian tradition.


Duration 1h

Body anointing performed taking into account the path of the main nadis (energy channels). It is one of the most widespread traditional treatments in Kerala and can be considered the fundamental basis for the application of Ayurvedic oils. This technique involves the use of a fair amount of oil and preparatory actions on the five extremities: the head, hands, and feet. If practiced regularly, it prevents aging processes, helps to overcome fatigue, and provides vigour by strengthening and improving the nervous system, sight, and sleep quality.

Abhyanga feet

Duration 1h

A traditional anointing technique of Kerala, although traces of it can be found in other Indian states and throughout the Asian subcontinent. It is used predominantly in revitalisation therapies and is particularly recommended for eliminating stiffness of the joints and for easing muscle blocks. For its powerful toning, unlocking, and energising effect it is particularly popular with martial arts practitioners and dancers.


Duration 1h e 15 min

A treatment that uses two or four warm cotton bundles containing medicinal plants previously roasted in Ayurvedic oil. The heated bundles are applied all over the body; their heat and the total duration of the treatment varies for vata, pitta, or kapha. Ideal for relieving pain or other disorders caused by an imbalance of the disha. Suitable for when you want to bring heat and deeply stimulate the tissues and circulation, thus counteracting the accumulation of fat. The application of the bundles is preceded by abhyanga on the entire body.


A massage directed at energy rebalancing and purification of the body tissues. The speed, rhythm, duration, stimulation, and pressure of the massage differ according to the prakriti or the constitution of the individual (vata, pitta, kapha). Ayurvedic treatment consists of the use of taila (oil of a single plant) specific for the blemish, Ayurvedic oil with the practice of Ayur Malish massage, and the application of the specific mask to the face and body. The goal is to rebalance the excess doshas and treat the skin in a specific manner.


Massage from southern India that relaxes or stimulates the marmas, that is, the energy meridians of the body, according to Ayurvedic medicine. The massage uses warm oils and plant ingredients such as mineral salts and metals. It deeply relaxes the body, promoting tissue regeneration and longevity. It generates a feeling of well-being and rebalances your energies.

Kalari Thirummu

An anointing technique of Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art practised in Kerala (the oldest martial art in the world). In India, massage and work on the energy channels and on the marma points is an ancient heritage of martial art practitioners, due to the need to treat trauma. This work is performed on the ground.


In this massage the skin is rubbed with various herb powders. The rubbing produces heat, which increases blood circulation and eliminates fat. A purification treatment that uses the powders of plants such as triphala, ginger, and turmeric to eliminate excess toxins. It reactivates the metabolism and also produces a peel effect on the whole body. It deeply cleanses and helps restore the pH balance of the skin.


Duration 1h 30 min

It literally means “pouring on the head”. It consists of pouring warm medicated oil on the forehead, on the area between the eyebrows where, according to Indian tradition, is located the third eye. Before this beneficial moment, however, a head massage (siroabyangam) is performed to bring about total relaxation.

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